TANTRUM lures are hand made by Nick Durham and team of Sydney Australia inspired by the Hawaiian way and built around advice and priceless wisdom from the likes of the late Captian Bart Miller “Black Bart”and other top fisherman from here in Kona around the world!  

This exclusive and extremely limited Aku/Skipjack theme pattern made with purple shell, blue shell and white shell will be available ONLY in the XXL, XL and the NEW first release of the Large KABOOM coming soon and addition also the XL and Large PLUNGER models! 
*Winners of the lure makers challenge in 2017! 
 *Kona’s own sport fishing boat “Pursuit” with Capt. Jason Holtz that fishes all TANTRUM lures caught the most blue marlin for the last two summers in a row along with the record for the most ever marlin in a day last summer! 
 These highly productive shapes have just been on fire in here in Kona Hawaii catching numerous large blue marlin and have won several local tournaments including last years HIBT landing the biggest Fish!
“Since 2004 we have been constantly testing, refining and evolving our range of shapes with valuable input from some of the world’s best lure fishermen. Inspired by Hawaiian fisherman and fisherman around the world these amazing lures  have evolved! In the beginning years TANTRUM Lures were only available to a select few within the circle of friends and family, yet these select few have achieved unfathomable results with many tournament wins and numerous giant blue marlin, black marlin and tuna. TANTRUM Lures brand has earned an amazing reputation amongst the world’s elite lure fishermen” 
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